I recently released a song called "Chemical Compound", Which is about a desperate addict praying for help from God as a last resort. In the song the addict is answered by an angel singing "There's a chemical compound just like a railroad track that leads you off to nowhere and you can never come back." "Song From A Dream" is the whole conversation had between the addict and the angel.


Put down your guns and retreat
Your path is broken and beat
We need to save your life
Don't mind the voices you hear
Because if one thing is clear
You've really crossed the line
I know inside that you're scared
But your now in my care

I Know you've had a tough time
And that it's hard to define
Just what you're going through
The others will not believe
They'll think your mind is diseased
But we both know that's not true
I know the feeling is odd
To put your trust in God

I think it's time to pay
Attention to the words
I am about to say
You pushed to way to far
And now your choices are
That you can leave or stay
So if your gears unwind
And you can find the time
When skies are not as grey
I'll put you back into
A place that's meant for you
I can help you change

I think they ripped you apart
And that you need a new start
That"s what I'm trying to do
What will I find that you hide
For the rest of your life
I'll try to pull you through
Please decide to hold on
Before my voice is gone