"Paul it ain't right...to live this way". "You have to fight it...things need to change."”

— Chorus from the song "Things Need To Change" written by Paul Marotto

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Haunted house Studios

Paul Marotto

All of the songs on this site were written by Paul Marotto.  They were then recorded, mixed, and mastered by Paul in his home studio "Haunted House".  Paul Marotto plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals heard in the music posted on this site.   

This picture is of Paul in the backyard of his grandparents shore house on Leaming Ave. in Wildwood NJ.  It serves as the cover to his single "Wildwood", in which Paul sings of his yearning to return there...back to a time with no worries and no problems. He remembers this time as one of the happiest in his life.  The photo was taken in 1996 after a severe storm.  The streets and the backyard used to flood and Paul would go out and wander around in the shallow waters.