Paul Marotto was born on March 7, 1982 and grew up just north of Philadelphia in Newtown PA.  His father taught him how to play the piano at a very young age,  introducing him to composers that would have an affect on his own songwriting, such as Rachmaninoff and Chopin.  After hearing bands like the Pixes and Pavement, he would then go on to learn many other musical instuments (guitar, bass, vocals, drums, and synths)  As a teenager and young adult Paul  honed his skills as a songwriter and performer playing in bands that he formed with his friends.  In his tweanties his life would abrutly change after the sudden and unexpected death of his close friend and bandmate Tim Martin.  Paul would make mention of this experience in many of his songs written after his death.  If you listen to Paul's lyrics he also sings of how addiction and mental illness profoundly changed his life.  Paul dedicates his music to all that have been similarly affected and hopes that people who are still suffering know that they are not alone.  

Timothy Martin 1981-2007

Wonderful friend and talented Musician

Wishing to honor a great friend and to somehow offer comfort in hard times, Paul Marotto wrote the song "Things Need To Change" thinking about Tim and the experiences of Tim's parents after their son's death in an automobile accident. 

"Orange Crush" is the backbone of Haunted House Studios. It's a computer that was specifically designed by Chris Marotto...Paul's brother... for recording and mixing music. "I had to put a picture of it on the site" said Paul. "None of this music would ever have been possible without his technical talent and creativity.