Hello and welcome to my website. Thank you for visiting.  You can download and listen to and all of my music for free. I've been adding new songs to this website just as fast as I can write, mix, and master them..... about every two weeks or so.  I appreciate you listening and I'd love to know what you think about them (good or bad).  Click on contacts to send me a message or an email.   My music can also be found on Spotify, Youtube, Apple Music, I Tunes, ect., but it takes a little time for my songs to be uploaded to those music platforms. I can upload songs to this site as soon as I finish them...so this is the place you will hear my newest music first. My latest song is called "Wildwood".  (Sounds awesome with headphones)  I hope you like it.  



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Haunted house Studios

Paul plays all the instruments and sings all the vocals heard in his music.  His songs  sound best when listened to with a pair of good headphones.  Paul and his brother recently built a computer specifically designed for recording music. His brother named it "Orange Crush". You'll understand why if you check it out on Bio page of this site. Paul uses a program called "Cubase" to record, mix, and master his songs in his studio.  Most of his music includes Vocals, guitar, drums, piano, and various types of sounds created with synthesizers. Paul also plays classical piano which has influenced the creation of many of his songs. Growing up, Paul had a wide range of musical influences in his life. From an early age, Paul listened to his Dad and sisters play music on an old piano that his dad had found on the street and brought into house where he grew up.  His Dad also played a folk string guitar which he eventually gave to Paul. Paul loves listening to everything from Led Zeppelin to classical composers such as Rachmaninoff.  If you would like to hear some of the music he likes, checkout Paul's Spotify Artist page and listen to his playlist called "Orange". If you like his songs be sure to follow him.